Special Packagings



A capsule to store your sneakers? A unique and personalised box to congratulate runner Raúl Gómez on his fatherhood? A highly exclusive gift with several partner brands? We sure know how to make the most out of every moment!

For the launch of the new Air Max 720, a futuristic model offering the biggest air cushions yet, Trescom partnered with Marta Niñerola, a young creative designer who created a 100% sustainable capsule of the future.

Raúl Gómez welcomed his daughter Julieta with a very special gift: a box inspired by the hashtag #corrermola, along with a pair of customized shoes and T-shirts for each member of his family.

The new Air Max Dia were delivered featuring a unique, comprehensive look, with jewellery by María Pascual and fashionwear by Shon Mott. The perfect combination to accompany sneakers oozing in style.


Very well received by influencers, who actively showcased the packaging and product on social media, emphasising the creative, exclusive features. Also, by media outlets such as Yorokobu, who highlighted the creative process and final result..

Raúl Gómez – Special Packagings