V Edition Decelera Menorca



We oversaw the communications for the 5th edition of Decelera Menorca, the world’s first startup decelerator, a programme which focuses on decelerating startups for subsequent growth. Decelera’s methodology challenges entrepreneurs to slow down their daily work pace for two weeks, away from their usual office environment, to rethink their business strategy and validate their model with business leaders (Experience Makers) and investors.

We worked hand-in-hand with Decelera in all areas of the communications campaign for the 5th edition of the event: launch, organization of national and international media presence to witness the programme first hand, communication to the media of programme chronicles during the event, with the conclusions of each day, and communication of Decelera Menorca 2019’s results. Participants included 50 entrepreneurs, 60 Experience Makers, 20 investors, teams from a dozen corporations and Decelera partners.


Since the launch of Decelera Menorca, we have achieved national and international media hits reaching 13.8 million people.

We also coordinated the presence of over a dozen national and international media outlets during Decelera 2019. Spanish national radio station RNE broadcasted a live programme from the campus entitled “For Three Reasons,” with content exclusively dedicated to explaining Decelera’s methodology.


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