This year we want to celebrate Christmas in a different way. The new friends we were lucky enough to meet have made this season unforgettable. Would you like to meet them?

On a hot Summer day, we started thinking about how we could make this Christmas special. We wanted to do something different.

During this time, we started working with Fundación Prodis. Here’s where we found the opportunity to do a workshop with them.

Without hesitation, we decided to celebrate Christmas with them. Full of excitement and enthusiasm, we met with them, learning a little more about them but also about ourselves.

This year, we have lived many memorable stories in Trescom, but of all, this will forever be one of the most special ones.

Trescom wishes you happy holidays and a prosperous 2020 full of memorable stories!

What is Fundación Prodis?

Fundación Prodis seeks to provide the necessary support to people with intellectual disabilities to improve their quality of life and help them in their personal development and inclusion. While working with them this year, we found the opportunity to run a workshop. Without hesitation, we thought it’d be a great idea to do a Christmas action with them. It was a truly inspiring day where we learned a little more about them but also about ourselves.