December 14, 2020

Foundations, the lung for society

The founding sector has become essential in the life of each person. The Foro Demos organized by the Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF) has demonstrated this once again, in its fourth edition held in recent days.

Written by: Belén Gómez

Demos 2020 has been a brave event, three days of intense work, face-to-face and virtual participation, where more than 50 speakers from all areas of society, journalists, athletes, politicians, health workers, scientists, patrons, artists, educators and a long, etc, have come together to reflect on their contribution to civil society and the challenges facing the sector for the future, addressing it with new approaches so that they can respond to the pandemic situation we are experiencing.

The most impressive thing has been the contribution of all the organizations to alleviate, each one from their field of work, the ravages caused by Covid 19. All to one: the training that has not stopped and has been reinvented to reach more people, the most essential social help, the hope of many health and research projects, the importance of collaboration among all … But, above all, the testimonies told in the first person by some of the beneficiaries of the founding sector, words full of gratitude and enthusiasm.

A living sector that needs fresh and clean air to continue. For this reason, more than 40 foundations have presented the Pact for the climate of Spanish foundations, an initiative that started in an emotional event, encouraging other foundations and the philanthropic sector to join in to advance in the fight against climate change.

There was joy, emotion, meeting, and also music! Like the hymn created for the occasion, which in its refrain summarizes the common spirit of the entire founding sector:


“Be the change you want to see in the world
Offer your talent to others”


From Trescom we thank and congratulate the Spanish Association of Foundations for the organization of Demos 20, of which we have been a collaborator, and for putting itself ahead to mark the path not only of the founding sector but also for many other organizations that seek their support and service. We are very proud to collaborate with you and to work with a good number of foundations, which each day teach us how their work, commitment, and effort truly transform society.


Belén Gómez

Project Manager

I like listening to people, every day I discover interesting stories while riding the bus. I prefer to communicate by phone … or having tea.

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