We began working with Wayra in 2018, right after its rebranding to position the company as a Telefónica innovation hub rather than as a startup accelerator. Our goal was to consolidate this relaunch and build a strong relationship with the media to positively convey the brand’s repositioning and the steps taken to make Wayra a benchmark hub for Spanish and international startups.

Based on a carefully designed communications plan, Trescom’s strategy focused on communicating Wayra’s most significant milestones to the media and consolidating a strong press presence at events such as Trenlab’s ‘Shaping the future of Mobility’.


Media coverage of Wayra’s success stories has continued to grow, thus consolidating the brand’s new identity as Telefónica’s innovation hub. Numerous press conferences and a great number of hits in mainstream and specialised publications in fields ranging from entrepreneurship to technology have paid dividends.