Communications strategy



Since we started to work with Smartick at the end of 2016, our goal has been to promote and consolidate its position as the leading online mathematics learning method for children, not just in Spain but also worldwide. To achieve this, we embarked on a communications strategy aimed at a broad media spectrum, promoting Smartick as an educational benchmark, highlighting its success as an innovative project within financial media, and positioning the company as a key player in child education within society and family related sections in generalist media. A highlight of this strategy was our proposal to create Smartick’s Best Teaching Story Award, which has gained strength with each passing year. Smartick also looked to Trescom to manage its internationalization and the coordination of its communications agencies in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.


In 2019, our aim was to increase media impacts by 40%, thereby improving 2018’s financial results as well as figures for the target audience reached. This improvement comes as a result of national and regional media coverage: Onda Cero, RNE and Cadena SER radio stations; ABC, El País and El Mundo newspapers, and TV channel Telemadrid.