Salud Mental España





Mental health association Confederación SALUD MENTAL ESPAÑAonce again reached out to Trescom for the creation of the graphic image for its new project, ‘Diversamente,’ as well as to develop its corporate website and present this initiative to the public. The aim of this initiative was to provide people with mental health problems with a space in which to support each other and share experiences.

Graphic image: it was important to convey a message of hope and enthusiasm and we chose the symbol of the windmill as a metaphor for people with mental health problems, who can achieve incredible things as long as their qualities are enhanced.

Website: a 100% accessible portal including rigorous mental health information and expert testimony. Spaces for interaction are essential for the flow of communication between users.

Event: for the presentation of ‘Diversamente’ to the public and the media, we organized a very dynamic and interactive event in which the most important sections of the website were physically represented.


A graphic image and a website in line with the approach and objectives of the Confederation SALUD MENTAL ESPAÑA, which is helping people who, at some point in their lives, have felt anguish, despair, fear, misunderstanding or loneliness and do not know how to deal with a mental health problem.