Minors and the Internet



We were responsible for communicating to the media the conclusions for the study of digital wellness platform Qustodio  on ‘Minors and the Internet: a pending issue for Spanish parents‘. Our goal was to reinforce Qustodio’s image as Spain’s leading digital security company. We wanted to raise awareness of the issues that most concern Spanish parents about their children’s use of the Internet. How did we do that? We were in charge of the organization and communications of the presentation event, ranging from the selection of possible locations in Barcelona, to the call for the main Catalan and national media, and the design and elaboration of graphic elements such as the Fact Sheet, the dossier and the press kit.


The presentation was attended by 16 media, including the Catalan representatives of Antena 3, TVE, La Sexta and Telecinco. National and regional news agencies, television, radio and written and online media echoed the study, with over 150 repercussions in all types of media, of which 5 were on television and 15 on radio.