Presentation “Hyperconnected Families” study



With the report on ‘and the Internet: a pending issue for Spanish parents’ we put Qustodio the map as a digital security leader in Spain. Subsequently, with the study on ‘Hyperconnected families: the new scenario of digital apprentices and natives’ we sought to consolidate their image as experts in Digital Wellness at both national and regional levels. Our goal? To take a snapshot of the Spanish family from a techie perspective,techie, delving into the different conceptions parents and children have of new technologies, the impact of these technologies on internal family relationships, and the time adults and children spend connected. How did we do it? We organised the presentation event and associated communications actions, in addition to designing the space for the event.


Over 17 media outlets attended the event, including Spain’s leading television channels. During the first month, Qustodio achieved more than 500 media impacts, surpassing the previous study’s 300 media impacts.