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Nike Phantom Venom



Nike Football launched Nike Phantom Venom in January, with Alexia Putellas, F.C. Barcelona and Spanish international female football player, highlighting the precision associated with these boots by taking on an impossible challenge. A challenge she overcame by scoring a goal from the second tier of the stands at the Camp Nou stadium, 100 metres from the goal.

The video of this incredible goal was presented at an event held at the Camp Nou. Trescom was responsible of selecting the speaker and preparing the presentation scripts. We also organised coverage by the press and influencers, who witnessed the new features of the Phantom VNM and chatted to the star of the show. They too attempted the challenge, successfully accomplished by Alexia Putellas, before moving to the Miniestadi to observe a training session featuring Alexia and future football stars.


The event was attended by the main sports and football media, including Sport, Mundo Deportivo and 433; as well as YouTubers focused on the world of football, such as Delantero09 and KokoDC.

The event achieved 50 media hits and reached over 54 million people.

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