Summit 2 Launch




The luxury pens, watches and leather accessories brand were seeking a creative video for their social network channels to coincide with the launch of the  Montblanc Summit II smartwatch. The goal was to highlight the features of the watch using celebrities with very diverse personalities. Each celebrity would be associated with a signature film highlighting some of the features of the Summit 2.

Football player Nacho Fernández demonstrated his athletic prowess by running Forest-Gump style whilst monitoring his performance with the Summit II Running Coach App. Infused with a Great Gatsby aesthetic, actress Macarena Gómez, chose a party dress, combined it with the adjustable Summit II watch straps and paid for it in a simple step by running the watch over a POS terminal. Director and producer @pacoleon became the star of The Grand Budapest Hotel, showcasing the Jet Lag, calendar and voice command features of the watch.

In addition to coming up with the creative proposal for the video, the agency managed locations, permits, wardrobe and control on the day of filming.


“The launch of the new Summit 2 smartwatch has helped position Montblanc as a premium brand that combines high-end, luxury watches with technology and innovation.”



Montblanc – Macarena Gómez

Montblanc – Nacho Fernández

Montblanc – Paco León