Launch and positioning



mediQuo wanted to make itself known in order to become the virtual medical centre of reference in Spain and to reach the general public mainly through lifestyle, health and generalist media, not through startup media.

At Trescom, we developed a communications strategy to promote the health component through the professionals within its medical staff, thus focusing on current issues,but with a practical approach and a fun and informal tone, talking about topics that range from nutrition to sexuality.

In addition, we managed different exchange deals with several microinfluencers, namely mom instagrammers, to achieve credibility, maximize reach and obtain conversion and loyalty.


In just a year and a half of work, we have managed to attract the main lifestyle and generalist media, who now turn to us to as a resource and first source of information on health issues.

From the time of its launch in March to December 2018, we have achieved an average of 130 monthly impacts, more than 1,200 in total. In the first six months of 2019 we exceeded 900.

During the time that we have been working with them, we have managed about 150 interviews with national, general, lifestyle and family media and have contributed to many articles.

To date, we have achieved more than 2,000 media hits.