Inauguration of Palacio de Monterrey
Fundación Casa de Alba




Following an intensive, complex restoration process on the façade of the Monterrey Palace in Salamanca, the Fundación Casa de Alba opened the doors of this emblematic building to the public on May 10. The palace is amongst the finest examples of Spanish Plateresque style architecture.

With local media eager to provide details of the inauguration, a special press visit was organized days prior to the official opening of the Palace, providing an opportunity to witness one of the most magnificent private rooms on the tourist trail and one of the strongest ties uniting the Casa de Alba with Salamanca: one of only three sets of keys to the tomb of Saint Teresa in the world, which were previously kept at the Liria Palace.

On the day of the inauguration and prior to the institutional ceremony, several small guided visits were organized for local, regional and national media.


Close to 50 national, regional and local journalists covered the event in the weeks prior to the inauguration of the Palace of Monterrey. On the day of the inauguration, the media was accompanied by important people, such as the Duke of Alba, Carlos Fitz James Stuart; the President of the Senate, who was responsible in 1985 for the second renovation of the Palace, Pío García Escudero, and the Mayor of Salamanca, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco.