Formentera 2019 – Make Sport a Daily Habit





Trescom organised a weekend get-away in Formentera for influencers Coco Constans, Ares Aixala, Mariona Autran y Emitaz. ¿Our aim? To show that holidays are not incompatible with training. Guests of Nike, they swapped mobiles for running shoes and training mats under the guidance of personal trainers Paula Butragueño and Sara Carmona. For three days, the four influencers jogged, did yoga and mindfulness, and restored energy with the wonderful dishes prepared by Fit Kitchen @nikewomen


One and a half million followers of the four influencers witnessed the live training sessions. Over the weekend, content was created for the Nike app to enable all Nike members to continue training every week throughout the summer rather than leaving sport to the side during their summer holidays.

Images: Chechu Pajares