The People’s energy



Trescom created an immersive experience at the EDP ENERGIA hall during the 63rd edition of the International Fair of Samples in Asturias. We placed visitors at the centre to enable them to interact with EDP through a path in the inside of the space, where they could convert voice recordings into Instagrammable images, tattoo soundwave conversions of their own names, create light graffiti and enjoy a sensorial experience with mirrors and light spheres.

“The People’s Energy” was much more than the company’s exhibition concept or slogan, it was the heart of the project. Several EDP professionals were the main characters in the different communications material designed by Trescom. Company employees participated as actors in the corporate spot, or as extras in press releases and graphic advertising.


75,000 people visited the Hall designed by Trescom, to present EDP’s new image, an advanced, futuristic evolution of the company’s logo. The space created was unique and differential, enabling all visitors to play a leading role by experiencing how they themselves are creators and transformers of energy, just like EDP ENERGIA.